Apologies for the downtime, but my shop was deleted!

And then, my Dad ended up in hospital... so obviously some things take priority.


So... great time to update and make things shiny and new, and we all like shiny new things, right?

Brilliant new features coming that you will like......


Welcome to Doctor Tweek's new boutique. Looks different, but the service is better than ever. Here at Tweek's you will find most of the parts you need to build your own electronic projects - obviously the thrust here is towards musical endeavours, but no matter what your aims, Tweek's is here to please. Everyday parts, some hard to find items, small quantities so you don't need to buy a bucket-load and all orders delivered promptly and at a reasonable cost. Postage to the UK starts at £1.99 and tops out at £3.30. Larger orders are free shipping. International shipping is also available.


Orders are picked in the evening for shipping next day in most cases... mind there is no pick on a Friday - even the good Doctor needs a night off!


To find what you need, just enter a search term into the box at the top of the page, or if you want to browse, use the item list to the left. Its fun and made even easier now because you can name and store baskets, so your orders will not be lost over an extended shopping session. Cookies are now used to save your basket for up to 24 hours.

If you ever need clarification or help then just email me at: (full contact details at the footer of the page) - I'm always up for helping you out if I can, so don't worry about a thing.


For regulars here at the shop you may find a few things missing... like the handy info and the links to various off-shop sites. No problem - external links will be provided shortly. Hang in there! Also, my news page seems to have drifted into the ether, so I will be firing up an alternative for this.


This is the first update in over 4 years of supplying pedal smiths, tweekers and wigglers, so I hope it works out well. As ever your feedback means the most. Your support is priceless. If there are teething troubles with the new site please let me know and I will do my best to fix things up :)

Best, Steve